Our Founders, Greta & Jodi

We believe in the idea that well balanced skin is the key to a healthy glow and that Cannabidiol (CBD) has innate healing qualities for body and mind. We believe that you shouldn't put anything on your skin that you wouldn't eat. Farm to Face is what we call our approach to skin care. We started L + H after creating products for ourselves that we couldn't find anywhere on the market. We loved what we created so much that we decided to share our formulations with the world. We are very excited to be at the cutting edge of a new frontier with our unique CBD Beauty company, Love + Hemp

L+H Founders

Greta Gaines & Jodi Banks

Greta Gaines


CEO & Co-Founder | Cannabis Expert

Love Plus Hemp, CEO & Co-founder Greta Gaines is a former World Champion Extreme Snowboarder, TV Host (Oxygen and ESPN), fly-fisherman and recording artist. She is an Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor and internationally recognized cannabis and hemp expert.

Greta has been active in cannabis law reform for over ten years and has been dubbed by SKUNK Magazine as one of America’s top 100 most important activists. Previously the CEO and President of The Hempery, she has been consciously crafting cannabidiol-rich skin care products since 2011.  

The idea of Love Plus Hemp (L+H) skin care grew out of a desire to harness the healing properties of cannabidiol (CBD) in the hemp plant specifically for delicate facial skin. She knew her friend Jodi Banks, Co-founder of Partners Tea Company, shared her same interest and passion in the healing power of plants, so they partnered to create a CBD regimen, Love Plus Hemp. Greta has seen first-hand how healing cannabinoids can work to revitalize the skin and believes that she and her partners have created nature’s perfect skin care for all. 

She is a former board member of NORML and Co-founded the NORML Women’s Alliance during her tenure. She continues to serve as a member of NORML’s advisory board. She sits on the advisory boards of Patients Out of Time and Tennesseans United. Greta was the first female athlete asked to join Athletes For Care. 

A lifetime of leadership and a spirit for adventure brings her to her newest role leading the all-female owned, Love Plus Hemp. 



CFO & Co-Founder | Enthusiast

Jodi has spent years developing and launching products (Co-founder, Partners Tea Company) and supporting philanthropic endeavors close to her heart. She feels passionate about sourcing clean beauty products and has discovered the incredible benefits found in nature. She has been an investor in the hemp market for 6 years and is a true believer in the healing power of plants. She makes amazing honey from her home in Nashville and has taught herself the art of beekeeping.